Colonel William Prescott was one of the offices that commanded the defense in the British siege to take Bunker Hill. The battle actually took place one hill over on Breed’s Hill. This was a strategic hill because it was the best vantage point to to see all of Boston and a great spot to defend the docks at Charelstown. Prescott is attributed with the quote, “do not fire until you see the whites of their eyes!” Because of a lack of ammunition, the result of this first major battle in the Revolutionary War was a loss for the Colonials. However, the Colonials inflicted 1,054 casualties among the British (about half of their numbers) while only receiving 450 casualties. Even though he was in command, Prescott was one of the last to retreat from the battle, fighting until his men were safely away. This is why his statue stands outside of the monument erected to memorialize this battle.