Monday was Patriots Day, a holiday I never knew existed until I moved to Boston. Patriots Day is the celebration of the anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord. For those of you who aren’t history buffs, these two battles were the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Patriots day, celebrated on the third Monday in April, is a state holiday in Massachusetts. There are always activities in which one can partake and Bar-B-Q’s to be enjoyed.

This Patriots Day weekend was a bit special and Boston was THE place to be. The city was teeming with people. Monday night was game 7 of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Bruins were in the playoffs for the first time in forever (They were beaten, unfortunately). The Celtics are in the playoffs with great chances of winning the championship. And the Red Sox rocked the Texas Rangers in four straight games. On top of all of this was the Boston Marathon…

The Marathon happens every Patriots Day. It is always an amazing site to behold. I have rarely seen such a display of encouragement and determination. The marathon is an event that more than 28,000 runners enter and thousands upon thousands stand along the route to cheer on the participants. This year D. and I stood just a little less than a half mile from the finish line. It was a great place to cheer people on, especially as the look of relief covered their face from finally glimpsing the finish line. For some, it seemed that they weren’t even breaking a sweat or had only run a couple of miles. For others, it seemed that they were battling with absolutely everything in them to take another step toward the finish line.

The thing about the marathon is that a significant amount of people run it for charity. One of the highlights for me is seeing some of these “charity runners,” like a few fire fighters, in their full gear running the marathon. Here is a picture of a soldier running in fatigues with a full ruck sack. I can’t imagine the strain and fatigue that more than 26 miles with all of that gear will put on a person. Absolutely inspiring. It was awesome to cheer him on as he willed his way to the finish line.