If you’ve read my profile, then you know that I’m a musician. Even more, you know that I’m somewhat of a songwriter. As a musician, I am blessed to have friends who are also musicians. I am also blessed to have a friend who has a recording studio. These friends have agreed to help me record several of my songs. Not only that, they have agreed to bring the studio to me. So, Monday we recorded the drum tracks for my new album (that sounds a little weird to say). It was a fantastic day. I started at about 8:15 that morning getting ready for them to come over. At 10 we started setting up all of the equipment. We finished recording at 8:30 that night. What a day! It was a ton of fun, but it was exhausting. I didn’t realize how exhausting of an experience it would be. The draining part is having to be extremely focused for long periods of time.

As you can see in the pictures, we set up the actual “studio” in my basement, which was empty until Monday. My friend, N., played his kit in the basement while I played along on guitar and sang from upstairs in my kitchen. The plan is to go back and record my guitar parts and vocals later (along with a couple of other instrumentalists who have agreed to help me out.).

So far this has been a blast. I can’t wait to finally hear the finished product, but there are many miles to go before we are at that point. My goal is to have this finished by August. We’ll see if we meet the deadline.