If you’ve been to Fenway Park for a RedSox game then you know that there are a few things that are tradition. Of course, there is the singing of the National Anthem at the beginning of the game after the lineup is announced. There are the traditional chants and cheers of RedSox Nation throughout the game. This would include random jeering of the Yankees, even if they aren’t the team being played on that particular day. There is the singing of God Bless America and Take Me Out to the Ball Game during the Seventh Inning Stretch. BUT, one of my favorite moments in the game (besides the action of the actual game itself) is when all of Fenway joins in singing Sweet Caroline in the middle of the Eighth Inning. Men, women, boys and girls all sing together no matter how well they can sing or how beautiful the sound. It’s a fun moment in the game, especially if it’s been a slow game. Below is a short video I captured during this experience on Opening Day 2008. This particular day Neil Diamond led the stadium via video. It was cool. Enjoy.