I have spent the last few days on the couch with a stomach bug. On Sunday night I wasn’t feeling well, but I simply brushed it off as being related to the horrific loss in the Super Bowl and eating too many buffalo wings at the Super Bowl Party. Not learning my lesson, a friend and I chowed down on the abundance of leftover wings on Monday afternoon. It was Tuesday before I realized that it wasn’t just wings that were making me sick.

There is something about me that I absolutely have to be doing something. It is hard for me to do nothing. It is even harder for me to do nothing with no one around. I am very much a people person (99% of the time). There is really only so much TV and movies that a person can watch in a three day period. By Thursday I was dying to get out. On Friday I was absolutely going nuts. And today is the day that I feel good enough to get out (which really means that my body needs another day or I’ll get sick again…at least, that’s what usually happens).

So I am greatly anticipating tomorrow being here. tomorrow morning I be rejoicing as I will be able to get out and about as well as hang out with my friends at our weekly time of being together. For now…cabin fever.