Last week D and I had the opportunity to go to the SkyWalk at the top of the Prudential. I love going up there. I’ve been dozens of times. Being up there, overlooking the city with all of its goings on never gets old to me. I have been in every season now, so I have seen everything green and blooming. I’ve also seen everything looking drab and the Charles completely frozen over. I can’t really decide which is my favorite. Both are beautiful in their own way. Every time we have guests in town, we usually take them to the Top of the Pru so hat they can see how the city is laid out.

Last week was a bit different as it was the first time I’ve been up there at night. Of course, it was beautiful. The lights of the city shone so brightly. The two pictures were taken that night. The one taken at sunset of the Hancock Tower and the surrounding area was taken by D. I took the one below, which is overlooking Kenmore Square after dark.