On Monday I went with a friend on a quick trip up to Maine. He had to run a couple of errands, and since I was taking the day off, I decided to go with him. It was nasty in the city as I was leaving. All of the cars had a thick sheet of ice covering them (not to mention the sidewalks, but that’s another post). As we got closer to Maine, it turned out to be a beautiful winter day. It was even lightly snowing.

Once we got there, the place we were shopping announced that there was a parade passing by. Although it seemed like an odd event for a Monday, I thought maybe it was a Christmas parade for the town we were in. It was far from it. As I walked outside, there was a line of state police, county sheriffs, local police and other first responders standing in a line in the parking lot. They were saluting a caravan of vehicles that ended with a large truck. The truck was from a non-profit corporation carrying thousands of wreaths (about 10,000 I think) to Arlington, VA. Once there, they are going to be laid on the resting places of fallen soldiers in Arlington National Cemetery. Standing back observing all of this were several spectators waving small flags.

As I stood there watching all of the people waving flags and remembering those who have lost their lives for the cause of our freedom, I couldn’t helped but be moved. It was a display of patriotism that one rarely sees outside of Independence Day or Memorial Day. In that moment, I was very thankful for where I live and the many thousands of men and women who are serving their country.

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