We have a tradition that we started the year we moved to Boston. Each year on the day after Thanksgiving, we go to the Macy’s Christmas Tree Lighting event (it used to be the Filene’s Christmas Tree Lighting). It’ a great Boston experience. There are brief performances from various singing groups and excerpts form plays or the ballet showing in town. This year was another great year. We got to share the night with several friends. The Christmas tree that was lit was over 50 ft tall. It had over 2 miles of wires on it that connected more than 10,000 lights. It was very cool. The weather wasn’t bad either (in past years we have experienced everything from snow to heat waves to rain). It was a bit chilly but not too bad with all of the people packed into one place. We did, however, go for dinner and hot chocolate afterwards at Quincy Market. I love that area this time of year. All of the trees are lit up with Christmas tree lights. For me, the Christmas Season has finally begun.