Last week I had the opportunity to perform a concert of my songs at a local university’s campus ministry. There were about 50 students there in the audience. It was so much fun. I enjoyed sharing some of the stories behind the songs. I even went out on a limb and performed two songs that I finished earlier that afternoon. Brave, I know (or maybe I should say stupid). The night went very well and I was pleased with my performance for the most part. There was really only one rough spot.

I have only been in this position of performing a few times. Usually if I’m playing in front of people, I’m leading a congregation in worship. But this feels more exposed. For one thing, I’m sharing pieces of my journal as I share these songs. It is more than that though. There is no one else playing or singing. There are no screens or hymnals for people to focus on, nor is there a subject of their worship (God) drawing their attention. There’s just me…me and my guitar…all alone up there. Each time I do a concert it is a bit nerve wrecking. (There are certain times when I am a perfectionist and performing is one of them.) But after it’s over, I always feel as though I’ve really enjoyed myself. It’s a draining but fun experience.

I have another concert this weekend. Let’s hope it goes as well.