Since we’ve been in Boston, D and I have established a 4th of July tradition. This tradition is really several smaller traditions wrapped up in the whole day. Each year we enjoy sharing our tradition with friends and anyone else who wants to partake. This year D’s parents came up to visit and share the day with us.

Our day starts off with going to hear the Declaration of Independence read from the Old State House in downtown Boston. The Declaration was publicly read here on July 18, 1776 for the first time. over the years it has become a Boston tradition to read it from the balcony on the 4th of July. It is an amazing feeling to hear this being read and people cheer and clap at certain points they agree with.

After the Declaration is read, there is a small parade made up of Navy Seamen, a marching band and several men dressed up as Minutemen with muskets. Of course my favorite part of the parade is when they fire the muskets in the air. After the short parade, we enjoy hanging out around Fanuel Hall and Quincy Market. There are always performers around, not to mention the Drum and Fife Group that plays every 4th of July. From there the activities lead us home to grill hamburgers and hot dogs. The day is rounded out with waiting several hours in our favorite spot on the Charles to see the fireworks.

This year was so much fun. For one thing it wasn’t hot, as in years past. The only down side was the rain in the evening as we waited for the fireworks. Although it was a bit unpleasant while we waited, the fireworks display made it well worth (as they always do!). It was great to have D’s parents in town to enjoy the day with us. We also had several friends come with us (some first timers too!). Here are some pictures to show you our day in Boston.