Today we went to see a friend of ours get baptized. It was a great experience. I love getting to experience a person getting baptized. It is so exciting to me as they make a public statement by their physical picture of the story of Jesus. The cool thing about going to see someone baptized here is that usually some of their friends and family who don’t know Jesus come and witness this powerful occasion.

Today was special to me because the guy getting baptized has been getting discipled by a guy that I discipled. It was amazing to see JT, who I’ve invested into, talk about AR with excitement and pride before everyone present. God is so merciful and gracious to let me be used in that way.

This evening a good friend of ours came over to catch up. We haven’t seen S in a couple of weeks, so we spent the time catching up on the many events that take place in a couple of weeks of life (including some other friends of ours who just had their first baby) and then we had dinner together. We had some awesome pasta. D makes the best tomato sauce with sauteed onions and mushrooms with some other tasty stuff. I might not know everything that goes into it, but I know that I enjoy eating it.