I am an ordinary person living in a very cool place. I have a great wife, job and life. I’m a musician and songwriter. I have fun playing music, listening to music and analyzing music. My friends make fun of me because it takes me about 3 times before I hear the lyrics to a song. I’m usually busy breaking apart the rhythms I hear, the voicings of the various instruments and the chord progressions.

I always enjoy a good action movie or a comedy. I’ve been known to have a proclivity to certain movies in the SciFi genre too. Along with watching movies, I’m an amateur (and that word can’t be stressed enough) videographer. I’ve made a few short documentaries on life where we live and that’s been tons of fun. As far as sports go, tennis is about the most athletic thing I enjoy. My wife has also gotten me into running over the last six months. When it comes to running, she’s the distance person and I’m the cardio person.

I love where I live. This is the first time we’ve ever lived in a large city. Life here can only be described as diverse. Diverse people. Diverse industries. Diverse culture. I love being in a such a cultural center filled with lots of music. We have great friends here who make living in such a cool place adventurous.

So I hope you enjoy me chronicling the things I encounter in my day to day. This will be a space for me to jot down funny stories, life updates and everything from the mundane to the extraordinary.